President’s Message

Greeting to you all

Keeping students at the heart of our education provision, the challenge of BIU is to enhance the level of academic quality and thoroughness such that it will meet the requirements and expectations of Lebanon and the citizens of neighboring countries. Our University aspires to have the mandate of teaching, research and community outreach. Undoubtedly, in the information age, knowledge is the most important commodity when it comes to development and investment in human capital.

We believe that better retention, improved learning outcomes, greater academic progress, timely degree attainment, and successful career placement will result from our focus on student success. We are committed to enabling every student to succeed and strive in every way to use evidence-based, high-impact practices, and culturally responsive and reflective pedagogies to increase levels of student engagement and learning outcomes, as well as to promote greater academic performance and achievement. This is vital in preparing graduates with the key attributes necessary for the modern work place.

In order to provide quality education relevant to market demand, BIU continuously recruits, develops and retains quality academic staff and is focused on the crucial need to improve the learning infrastructure through expansion and modernization.

While our vision and mission show where we want to go, our values guide us on the way. They cut across organizational boundaries, bind us culturally, and permeate our strategic and tactical initiatives. The following set of core values are the defining traits of BIU: Integrity; Excellence; Diversity and Inclusion; Compassion, Collaboration; Innovation; and good governance.

These values provide the foundation for how we conduct ourselves, accomplish work, and build our reputation as a University with a strong sense of purpose, confidence, and a desire to fulfill its institutional mission. This is essential if we are to fulfil our strategic ambitions and if the University community is to provide an environment that enables our students, faculty and staff to succeed as well as forging relationships with industry partners and stakeholders.


Ali Tarabay, Ph.D.