Research leading to new insights and effectively shared is central to the purpose of any university. Students have the right to be taught by acknowledged experts in their field, which requires that faculty members operate at the most advanced level appropriate to their discipline and level.

Faculty engagement in research directly influences the relevance and quality of teaching and enriches the learning experiences of students. It sharpens the intellectual practice of academics and enables them to become more critically reflective in their profession.

Research is, therefore, crucial to a positive student experience in that faculty engagement with research offers a model of good practice to students. The skills associated with academic research, applied by staff, are therefore fostered among students. Skills and competences in research practice that are essential for many careers are nurtured and developed.

To such end, BIU aspires to being an influential and enterprising university engaged in close collaboration with the professions, business, industry, government and the wider community. To support this aspiration, the University has a number of policies and initiatives aimed at encouraging academic staff to engage in research collaborative activity in existing or emerging fields of strategic relevance and importance to BIU, which are additional to the delivery of academic teaching. This activity may include community service, research, and the provision of educational or consulting services, partnership building, and a range of other entrepreneurial initiatives.