BIU core purpose is to meet the students needs. Students are encouraged to take up extracurricular activities with a view to develop their interpersonal skills. Opportunities provided through various Clubs and forums listed below:

Clubs Description
Music Club The students can receive a chance to play music in a designated area
Dance Club The students create a positive environment that aspires excellent dancers through creating chorography and dancing the dance style they wish
Theatre/Performance Club Students can embellish the skills they have together
Book/Debate Club Students can discuss a diversity of views and perspectives concerning a certain topic or book
Ngo Helps in building a better cooperation with BIU's main organizations like, Special Olympics, Clean Lebanon, Arc-en-ciel, Papivore and many others
E-Tech Clubb Students will discuss the latest technology trends, innovations & increase the number and quality of networking and recruiting opportunities with technology companies, while strengthening the university in technology-dependent aspects
Events Club Students will develop a project concept covering all details of the event from the budget to the place of the event
Photography Club Students will practice photography and development in the university's dark room
First-Aid Club Allows students to learn the basics of first aid and how to deal with difficult situations related to first aid

Other clubs can be suggested and created to meet all the interests of each and every student on campus.