The International University of Beirut (BIU) is a private higher education institution whose primary mission is to provide accessible and affordable higher education, foster academic excellence and sustainability in teaching, learning and research. BIU endeavors to promote an enhanced lifelong learning environment among students, faculty, and staff. Concerned with all aspects of growth and development, BIU seeks to integrate innovative use of technology with rigorous scholarship in all educational programs, research, campus operations and outreach to provide students meaningful learning experiences. In pursuit of its mission, BIU will guide and cultivate the knowledge and skills of its students to assume responsibilities and become ethical leaders in their career and responsible and proactive citizens in their communities. The University will align its values and commitments to student support and communication, and perform assessments to strengthen programs, provide services and institutional effectiveness.


The International University of Beirut (BIU) will be a leading university recognized for its academic excellence in teaching, research, creativity and entrepreneurship, for its commitment to transforming lives through education, and its dedication to societal service and outreach. In order to achieve this we will prepare graduates for success and positive contributions in a global society through innovative learning experiences grounded in fundamental, transferable skills across all disciplines and in real world challenges. BIU will contribute to a sustainable future by being among the best in areas of special and emerging strengths by actively engaging students, staff, faculty and alumni; embracing diversity and inclusion; connecting with industry and the community in addressing needs and aspirations of our region and the world.