Academics Overview

The academic programs at the International University of Beirut (BIU) are offered through five academic schools – Literature and Sciences, Arts, Engineering, Education and Business. The University provides limitless opportunities for learning, growth and collaboration. Students have 29 bachelors, 2 freshmen (Arts and Sciences) plus one Teaching Diploma in Education degree options to choose a quality educational program that fits their unique aspirations.

Our academic culture encourages undergraduate and graduate students to tap their creativity, find innovative solutions, and interact with fellow scholars and researchers. Faculty work closely with students across disciplines and translate research and theory into practice. This personal contact between students and faculty members across each of our five schools provides students with an opportunity to learn in a warm and collaborative atmosphere. Students are given the flexibility and option to explore academic areas beyond their chosen degree major for they can take advantage of studying foreign languages.

Students at BIU experience an education through a global perspective, while undergoing an enriching intellectual voyage, all at a great value. Providing an affordable education is important to us. In fact, students stand to receive some type of financial assistance. In addition to acquiring a diverse body of knowledge, BIU graduates will possess a love of learning and a range of intellectual skills that enable them to meet the challenges and realize the promise of living in a complex, multicultural, and ever-changing world.

BIU’s commitment to excellence and diversity is reflected in our teaching philosophy. Faculty instructors are supported in helping students to thoroughly understand their subject, and in providing them with state-of-the-art information in their academic field of study. BIU’s classroom instruction policies encourage interactive classroom participation, making full use of the diverse backgrounds and the interdisciplinary experience of students. The teaching at BIU aims not only to develop academic competencies, but also puts an emphasis on key qualifications and tries to strengthen the students’ abilities in critically questioning information and flexibly applying their knowledge to changing situations.

To guarantee a high standard of teaching, students are asked to evaluate their courses and instructors in a university-wide evaluation towards the end of each semester. Evaluation of teaching at BIU is supervised by a University Committee. The Committee is composed out of members of the administration, faculty and student body and reports directly to the University Council.

Status GPA GPA
Distinguished 3.50 4
Honors 3.20 3.49
Good Standing 2.00 3.19
Probation <2.00

The academic status is based on the GPA of the student. Each student receives one of the following statuses according to their cumulative GPA.

Full time students are students who are taking a minimum of 12 credits per semester excluding the summer semesters. After the student has passed 20 credits and has received a GPA below 2, they will be set on probation and will have to refer to their adviser to register their courses. They will also be allowed to register only 14 credits. Moreover, if after completing 12 credits in his or her major courses and the student's average in the major courses is less than 2.00, the student will be placed on school Probation, regardless of his cumulative average. A student may be suspended from their major after 2 consecutive probation periods, leading them to a change of major request. A student suspended for academic deficiencies must petition the admission council for readmission. Each case will be studied on its own merit. Students readmitted will be placed on probation and will be given two semesters (excluding summer) to remove the probation. Conditions for readmission:
1- Students must have had a GPA above 1.2 (students who had a GPA of 1.2 or less will not be readmitted).
2- The student must have spent at least one semester at another institution of higher learning and completed 12 credits with an average of "C" or above.
3- The student has spent one calendar year outside BIU with some work experience.
Students will not be readmitted after a 2nd suspension. A student can petition for readmission and the School concerned will decide upon approval or rejection of the petition.